Vulcanic actions

Vulcanic actions

You will recall the story of Phoenix,

My name is landing on your lips.

You are the one exercising vulcanic actions,

Dominating our private conversations.


No matter how good you are with fire,

Giving extra heat for the ultimate desire.

It raises the temperature above sensible degree,

When someone has no strength to disagree.


You are like a magic drink,

Transforming reality into pink.

My blood craves for more than cocaine,

But addictions grow into pain.


The best things are repeated more than twice,

Unless you want your heart being covered with the wall of ice.


Dance for romance

Dance for romance

I never was a deep believer.

But now I am in the extreme fever.

Without you, there is no place to go,

As if the life has reached a terrible plateau.


You are a pretty voice in the quiet,

The music of my joy in private.

With I wish to get louder.

Without my heart being crushed into powder.


It is okay to be the light,

In my eyes, you are always bright.

My heart becomes clearer,

As long as you are nearer.


We always go against the chance,

Instead of waiting we need to dance.


Light in the night

Light in the night

When you are the princess,

It brings me a good sense.

Vision is becoming bright,

When you engage me in the shadow of the night.


I know your passion staying in the nude,

For some, it seems the healthiest food.

Then energy is born in someone’s blood,

Because someone is truly loved.


If you recall the lonely room,

Enlightened by the watchful moon.

Great things were promised for the curious.

Then it was we who were victorious.


Some say they came, they saw and won.

Because you are a lovely sun.

Portable vision

Portable vision

The time I travel on the bus,

Is perfect to reflect on us.

To think and to predict the future,

Collecting memories as a swift computer.


When it comes to the darkness of the night.

I write these things in a dim light.

While others tend to rest,

My mind invites you to become my guest.


The way you wear your dress,

I celebrate a visual success.

But if you prefer to undress –

Simplicity is more than the mess.


I speculate about our plan.

Not for I am crazy – but because I can.

Plot Twist

Plot Twist

In your eyes I am alive,

The sentiment you make me thrive.

I would celebrate your presence,

If the distance would be shorter than a sentence.


You are fuel for my thoughts,

Ignited it untangles complex knots.

In the company of us have no fear,

I am a magician crushing them into pure air.


Skin to skin breathe me in,

Love is hidden – glows within.

You are made of ecstasy,

Never sure if it is true or only a fantasy.


Was not looking for love til I found you,

The dream in the nightmare to pursue.

Faultless Beauty

Faultless Beauty

When I see you in the mirror,

You have zero error.

Shade of the feminine perfection,

Which brings joy to my perception.


Your hands possess a healing power,

It is healthier than the morning’s shower.

Even if we had a little space,

My lips continuously attack your face.


No matter one place or another,

All of them will motivate your lover.

It is sometimes better to engage the mind,

And leave some ardent senses far behind.


The mind is always in the shape of you,

Forming a noble army of two.

Witless Act

Witless Act

It is never wise to follow the guidance,

Providing nothing but a mere avoidance.

Your cave has shown a witless act,

Which fails as the place to interact.


I am quick to develop a reputation,

And so masterful at the violation.

No matter how studiously intended,

My campaign will soon appear as ended.


Carrying your majestic portrait,

Tastes so great as the premium chocolate.

Your presence I obviously enjoy,

Which is greater than the epic Troy.


Thanks to the ignorant librarian,

Since then I turn into a confident contrarian.